Capital Allowance and Plant & Machinery Appraisals/ Reports

We provide Bespoke RICS Accredited Valuation Reports on a full range of tangible and intangible business assets. These include but are not exclusive to the entity’s full plant and machinery inventory, motor vehicles, business equipment, stock at value and fixtures and fittings.

What we doWe provide our customers with a wide range of site and desktop based plant, machinery & equipment valuations

Specialising in tailored RICS accredited Valuations for a variety of purposes including Capital Allowances, Financial Reporting and Audit, Mergers & Acquisitions, Expert Witness/Litigation support and Bespoke Reports.

The main business sectors which benefit from our bespoke service include but are not exclusive to:

    • Petrol/ Oil Production/ Distribution & Exploration
    • Heavy Industry – Metals, Mining and Extraction facilities
    • Plastic and Chemical Industries
    • Automotive, Shipping and Air
    • Food Production, Manufacturing and Distribution Centres
    • Medical and Health Related Facilities – (including Care Homes, Nurseries and Clinics)
    • Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution 
    • Haulage, Logistics and Freight – HGVs, Rail Cars and Heavy Vehicles
    • Energy and Power Producers/ Distributors (Electric, Gas and Solar)
    • Light Industrial
    • Distilling
    • Factories Manufacturing for Wholesale Distribution
    • Construction and Heavy Industry
    • Amusement and Entertainment Parks

RCSV’s seasoned plant & machinery and business asset valuers are fully qualified RICS Surveyors and Registered Valuers. In partnership with experienced support staff they will provide accurate and timely asset Valuation Reports for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Capital allowances – tax relief for businesses liable for Corporation Tax. Our affiliate professional Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisors are able to analyse what items you are able to deduct from your profits before you pay tax. You are able to claim capital allowances on equipment, machinery, business vehicles (i.e., HGV, Company Cars, Rail Cars) collectively referred to as Plant & Machinery. 

These include Annual investment allowance (AIA) – claim up to £1 million on certain plant and machinery.

100% First Year Allowances – claim the full amount for certain plant and machinery in the year that it was bought.

Writing Down Allowances – you can claim these if your plant and machinery does not qualify for AIA or you’ve already claimed the maximum amount. 

  • Financial Reporting and Audit – International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and for Annual Returns.
  • Sale/Purchase Valuation Advice.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – including Pre-Acquisition and for Transfer, moving assets between subsidiary companies and/ or to other jurisdictions.
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support – Bespoke CPR Compliant Report as a single joint expert. 
  • Bespoke Reports – on the instructions of Shareholders, Owners and Administrators, Official Receivers and Liquidators if/ when a winding-down of a Business/ Company commences and accurate valuation of the Plant and Machinery is required.
  • Plant and Machinery Capital Allowances.
  • Embedded Capital Allowances (to cover the Fixtures and Fittings parts of Capital Allowances).
  • Asset Backed Financing, Leasing.
  • Insurance Purposes.

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